The Team: (L-R) Wes, Kyle, Tai, Richard, Nathan, Shane, Brendan, Ian, Ian, Greg, Connor

What better way to show our appreciation for our team than take them for a day at the race tracks. Of course we’re a bit too busy to take a full day off so we spent the morning working, then carpooled out to Speeders Indoor Racing in Richmond. We got split up into two groups and it was obvious who knew what they were doing… and who didn’t, but everyone had fun so all was good!

The point of taking a half day and taking our team to ‘blow off some steam’ was not only to show our appreciation, but also to take that energy of theirs and provide a space for them to have fun, make some memories, and share some laughs with the people they work next to, or talk to on the phone everyday. As we grow as a company, it is becoming more and more important to us that we hire quality people to work for us. As a company, we are very aware that each person who works for us is a walking representation of our company, and we want those people who we choose to feel appreciated on and off the worksite. Another way that we have made steps to show this is that as of January 1st, everyone who works for Hasler Homes Ltd began receiving medical coverage from Great-West Life. Its an exciting step for us as company when we have a great team that is always growing, and we are able to provide them with benefits such as medical coverage… and fun days out at the race track!

Final Three: (L-R) Brendan, Wes, Shane

If you or someone you know is looking for a job/career in the construction sector, make sure to send a resume to We are always looking for the right person to join the team. Just think, that could be you or someone you know standing on that podium next year for Team Hasler!

Wes Robinson, one of our foreman, making his victory lap after finishing first in the final race.

Interested in becoming part of the team? Check out what were looking for below in our ad, and then send your resume to

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